Thursday, July 24, 2008

RWA National

I'm really excited about going to a National Conference. It'll be my first one - national that is, I've been to 2 (or 3 maybe?) NJRW conferences. I really like them, smaller scale, closer trip. But National is National. I have an appointment with Lori Perkins and plan to loiter around the editor tables in the hopes someone cancels and I can get a Tor appointment - those filled up faster than I could blink.

In addition to that, I've printed out (new thing this year to save them money but at least I used the 2nd side of some old paper, so I recycled!) a bunch of handouts for the workshops, and am looking forward to going to them. I'm also looking forward to meeting people I've only known online and seeing people I usually see only once a year.

Plus, it's in San Fran! So Chinatown here I come for some nice herbs and hopefully a meeting with a Chinese doctor about headaches and allergies. And I've got friends there I'm hoping to meet up with Thursday night (if I haven't completely crashed) for dinner. And, to top it off, if I have time, am not beat, can see straight, Mamma Mia! here I come, I really want to see the movie. Love the music, even if I haven't seen the play, so hopefully I can fit that in with some friends in addition to everything else.

I'll keep you posted on what's happening there.

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