Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So it's another month, eh. These things keep sneaking up on me no matter how I try to keep to a schedule and write, write, write, next thing I know another month has passed and I'm no closer to my goals than I was the beginning of the previous month.

I have 2 goals for April:
Write whenever I can
Submit at least once a week

And there it is. Simplicity at its best.


Jennifer Linforth said...

Submit at least once a week?

You are my hero. I agree with the writing whenever you can. For me that is inbetween baby, critique partners, husbands, jobs, blogging.. food... must remember to eat. (I recall when I was finishing up one of the book I lived on a handful of popcorn and a few olives)

I stink at submitting. Keep us posted on this goal! I should make one like that as well. My other books are going nowhere if not on an editor's desk!


Isabel Roman said...

Husbands, plural? What aren't you telling us, Jenifer? :)

I have spent the morning researching publishers. Once I get my act together, probably this weekend, I’ll submit. Because you’re absolutely right – stories do nothing but look pretty on your computer if they’re not on an editor’s desk. Or agent’s for that matter.

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