Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 goals

This year I'm going to divide my goals into months. 4 weeks to a month, hmm, maybe weekly goals? No, that never really works. I mean sure I can say I'll write so many words in a week, but then something happens and I start to stress over my lack of word count which leads to stress over goals, fear I'm not devoting enough time to writing...which all leads to me chucking it and thinking I shouldn't stress over this when there's so much else I can (and do) stress over.

Broad outlines of '08 goals:
  • Finish Birthrite 2 - Morganna's story. It's all outlined and maybe 1/3 started...maybe 1/4 but it's started and I really do like the beginning.
  • Continue to outline Birthrite 3 - Arabella's story. She might go through a name change, since she's already gone through a character change. But I really do like the name.
  • Work with the idea I had last night on the overall arc of the story and see if it'll work. Then try to see if it'll fit into Birthrite 4 - Isadore's story.

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